Need more Fingers?

We're about to expand into "boutique" or custom blended dubbing, and the raw components to make your own. Unfortunately I have to invent the tools to make these products as well as polish the products themselves. That takes time.

In the meantime we invite you to eyeball the "Sixth Finger" scissor, a fine point snipping scissor designed to make all those delicate cuts in and around the fly - yet leaves your fingers free to manipulate materials and complete other tasks while wearing them.

Available with either stainless or tungsten cutting edge, and in two sizes; 4.5" and 5.5". 

The 4.5" original model is sized for the delicate trout flies, and the larger 5.5" model (I call the general purpose) is the better all-around scissor, with the same fine tips as the 4.5" - but with a heavier and longer blade to accomodate larger materials.

All three scissors are available to shops, contact me for pricing and quantities.

Keith Barton

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